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Most displayed holograms were made on the Ultimate emulsion, recorded at the 514nm argon line at 100-200mW. I highly recommend this material, its diffraction efficiency and the total lack of noisy fog are fantastic. For reflection copies, I also use Slavich material VRP-M, with reasonably good results; but I had lots of problems with it for transmission mastering, due to background scattering - see below.

Here a brief movie of a deep-scene hologram, and of the complex Crystal hologram (it's hard to record, it looks much better in reality).


My first high quality reflection copy (on 4x5'' Ultimate 08) in plain sunlight. The
shell appears to stick out ca 5cm in front of the plate. An etalon was not used with the laser.

Same, illuminated by a bright green LED, whose wavelength (520nm) fits quite well to the hologram color bandwidth.

"Crystal" - H2 reflection copy on Ultimate 15, front sticks 10cm out from plate. It is a study of imaging highly reflective surfaces ...a tough one! Shown is a construction made out of shiny super magnets which produce large intensity variations

A study for doing a deep scene image, it is reasoanbly sharp even in sunlight. The chandelier sticks out more than 10cm in front and spans in total more than 40cm. Very bright and noise-free H2 reflection copy on 5x8'' Ultimate 15.

These holograms have been post-treated by KJ to shift the wavelength from 514nm to approx 530nm. This allows to use a green laser pointer to illuminate them - making objects also far from the plate crisp and sharp.

Another H2 image plane reflection copy on 5x8'' Ultimate 15, viewed in sunlight. Depth is around 10cm. The picture is really ultra-bright.

"DNA" winds out of the image plane; reflection copy on 5x8'' Ultimate 08. At some point I hope to do this motive in color.

After lots of experiments, this is my best result for using VRP-M film as a transmission H1 master (recorded and viewed at 514nm). Note the considerable fog that remains.

The comparison with a transmission master on Ultimate 08 is striking - background noise is virtually absent. The chandelier hologram above was made with this master.