Some more Lasers

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Below you see my smaller air-cooled NEC Argon laser head GLG3105 and a HeNe laser, next to my old linear power supply (see here for a description; in the mean time I have rebuilt it into a much better switchmode power supply):

The heart of the NEC argon head is a tube GLTZ921:

Here some power measurements with my new Ophir thermistor power sensor (488nm; a new tube should do 100mW at 7A):

The Coherent Supergraphite CR-2 I got from ebay was (of course) broken at the anode lead: tube up to air...

what I am going to do with it ??

Here some of my early (mid 1970's), admittedly only partly successful, attempts on lasers:

A Dye Laser running with Rhodamin 6G, a pulsed (10W) IR diode laser, and a pulsed argon laser:

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