W's laser heads and diode/TEC drivers for laser diode holography

(currently all sold out)

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A few of driver boards and complete lasers are available for sale from time to time, please send requests via my blog. For detailed technical info, which also serves as manuals, see the following links.

Precision diode/TEC drivers: 

Version HY up to 250mA (1 available)                           75 Euro per piece

Version PWM up to 375 or 500mA (several available)   85 Euro per piece

suitable Peltier element plus 10K Thermistor:                   5 Euro extra

Complete laser heads:

Free running diode lasers:  Series ML/HL  (655nm/640nm)  (sold out)

ECDL lasers:  Series ECDL-ML/ECDL-HL (655nm/640nm) and ECDL-NL (445nm)   (in preparation)

Noise detectors:

For monitoring mode jumps, incl photodiode, ready to use:  15 Euro



Vers 1.1 09/2010