Converting a 780nm to a 658nm 100mW+ single mode extended cavity laser

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other ECDL setups

A friend had pulled in a pile of nice externel cavity diode lasers that run at 780nm, made for spectroscopical purposes, and hat given me one - thanks geso! Of course I had to convert it to a visible light, single longitudinal mode ECDL on the same day I got it. Here are a few remarks and observations that should help others to convert and operate this type of lasers.

Note added: I got another of such lasers, and the driver board of that one seems 100% intact. It worked out of the box, however the max diode current it can supply was just 84mA. Another such board was adjustable to about 150mA.

Finally I have put together a complete working unit, it doesnt look particularly nice but it works well:

I added a copy of my proven driver board, and at the inside, I replaced the aluminum turning mirror by a high-efficiency dielectric mirror, and added a noise detector circuit including a Brewster beam sampler at the output window:

Things are quite tight and one needs to take away the plastic shell for adjusting the grating.

A few more pictures of this laser and modifications of it can be found here.

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