Welcome to W's Laser-Projects page !

I am reviving my laser hobby... as I do feel an urge to do something practical and swing the soldering iron once in a while, or just contemplate upon the beauty of a beam of coherent light!
This is mainly for the fun of tinkering with electronics and building stuff, but I do a bit of holography as well, in order to have a good use of my lasers.

I also run a blog, for discussions and announcements.

Below I have set up some notes about my laser-related projects; I wish them to be helpful to other laser enthusiasts, much like I appreciated detailed help from many others:

Here my current electonics setup, the optical table is barely seen on the left. Right next to it my Lexel 88 argon ion laser head
which can deliver more than 2W of blue-green light, which I use for holography. On the scope to the right you see a trace
from my CCD spectrum analyzer, showing as single mode transmission of a green ECDL laser (click for 3MB movie).

Terrorizing neighbors is a tempting alternative:

Sept 2019