Welcome to W's Laser-Projects page !

I was reviving my laser hobby... as I do feel an urge to do something practical and swing the soldering iron once in a while, or just contemplate upon the beauty of a beam of coherent light!
This is mainly for the fun of tinkering with electronics and building stuff, but I do a bit of holography as well, in order to have a good use of my lasers. And no, I don't have any commercial interests.

Below I have set up some notes about my laser-related projects; I wish them to be helpful to other laser enthusiasts, much like I appreciated detailed help from many others. A lot of it is outdated by now and may look a bit naive with hindsight.

I also run a blog, for discussions and announcements.


7-2022: Reviving a Melles Griot 56CRH Diode Laser Module
6-2022: Reviving a New Focus Vortex Series TLB 7000 Extended Cavity Laser
3-2022: New diode SLM tests, esp. promising: Ushio HL63643DG , also ECDL version added, works extremely well!
Also, the write-up of ECDL design has been updated and improved.
2-2022: Preliminary investigations of Pico projector "White Light Engine"
Update 1-2022: high precision, low noise digital laser diode controller desktop system
Update 2-2022: investigations of the Osram PL530 530nm optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL), incl driver board

Older stuff:

July 2022